5 Reasons Your Spring Athlete Should Be Wearing a Mouthguard

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As the weather warms up, a new sports season begins. When gathering all of the equipment necessary for your child to participate in the upcoming sports season, there is one major piece of equipment that should not be left off of your list: a mouthguard. Regardless of if your teen wears braces or not, your child should be wearing one.


According to the American Dental Association, 75% of injuries to high school athletes occur when mouthguards were not worn leading to more than 200,000 oral injuries. Here are five important reasons why your spring athlete should be wearing a mouthguard.



The Front Teeth Are The Most At Risk

Your front teeth naturally stick out slightly further than the rest of your teeth when you bite. This leaves your front teeth particularly susceptible to receiving injury and trauma to the face. With a mouthguard, you can rest assured that your upper teeth, lips, tongue, and cheek lining are all protected while playing a sport, contact or not.


Even Non-Contact Sports Need Mouthguards

We always make the recommendation to parents that you implement a mouth guard as a standard piece of equipment to your little athlete from an early age. It is essential to wear a mouthguard while playing any contact sport such as football, field hockey, or wrestling and many of these school sports require mouthguards in order to play. However, you may be surprised to learn that non-contact sports can lead to dental injuries too. Even solo sports including gymnastics, tennis, and figure skating can lead to damaged teeth if they are not protected.


There Is An Option For Every Athlete

You will likely come across a variety of options when it comes to selecting a mouthguard. Most mouthguards can all be classified into three different categories.


Boil and Bite. These mouthguards are typically sold at any sporting goods store. In order to create a proper fit, you will first put them into boiling water and then bite into them while the plastic is moldable to form the shape of your mouth. When selecting this type of mouthguard, it’s vital to look for the ADA Seal of Acceptance to ensure these materials are safe for your teeth.


Ready to Wear. Stock mouthguards are inexpensive and come ready to wear. That said, they often do not fit very well as they are purchased pre-formed. Particularly bulky, this type of mouthguard can also inhibit your breathing and talking while wearing.


Custom. When it comes to keeping your teeth safe and adequately cared for, the best option is a custom-made mouthguard. Cherrywood Dental Associates will simply take an impression of your teeth, which is then used to create a mouthguard made especially for you. While this option can be the most expensive choice, they are also built to protect your smile. Investing in this type of custom mouthguard now can save a significant amount of money in dental repairs should you get injured.


Mouthguards Are a Must For Orthodontic Patients

A custom-made mouthguard is particularly vital for those with braces and other orthodontic appliances. Mouthguards will be able to protect your brackets and wires, as well as your cheeks and lips, should a collision to the face occur. Braces patients will need a mouthguard that protects both the upper and lower teeth.



If You Take Proper Care of Your Mouthguard, It Will Take Proper Care of You


Investing in a custom-fit mouthguard is one of the best ways you can ensure your child’s teeth are protected while they’re playing the sport that they love. Take care of your investment and your mouthguard by:


  • Keeping your mouthguard clean while it’s not in use by rinsing it or brushing it with a toothbrush and toothpaste after wearing
  • Clean the mouthguard in cool, soapy water regularly
  • Bring your mouthguard to regular dental checkups to ensure a proper fit
  • Use a sturdy, ventilated container when not in use
  • Keep out of the sun
  • Store in a safe place away from tempted pets
  • Replace your mouthguard if it is showing signs of wear and tear

Keeping your teeth safe is our top priority! To get a custom-made mouthguard for your spring Woodbridge athlete, contact Cherrywood Dental Associates today to schedule an appointment!



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