Time to Transform Your Teeth?

cosmetic dentist Greenbelt

We all crave changes in our lives. When everything stays the same for long periods of time, we start to enter a slump. The most appealing changes are those that improve your life in some way, and that endure for years to come. Cosmetic dentistry allows you to change your teeth semi-permanently or permanently, in nearly any way you wish.  The transformation you can undergo with cosmetic dentistry will affect many different areas of your life. You’ll find that you are more social, confident, and satisfied. Read on to learn about a few highly effective cosmetic treatments available at our Greenbelt practice. They’ve brought happiness to many of our patients, and could do the same for you.

Cosmetic Dental Treatments

cosmetic dentist Greenbelt

Make the smile you see in the mirror one you love!

  • Teeth whitening – Whitening is a simple process, but the results are so striking. You can get whiter teeth in-office or at home. We offer whitening to any patient hoping to give their smile some kind of a boost; many find that whitening accomplished all the changes they were hoping for.
  • LUMINEERS – These ultra-thin porcelain veneers create new tooth surfaces. A set of LUMINEERS can change your upper and lower front teeth entirely, adding structure, symmetry, and brightness. LUMINEERS can even be no-prep veneers, meaning your teeth may not require reduction in order for the veneers to fit.
  • Dental bondingBonding adds tooth-colored material to teeth to fill gaps, add length, rebuild damaged areas, whiten, reduce sensitivity, and more. Best of all, it’s possible within a single appointment (as it’s a direct restoration).
  • Invisalign – If you’ve waited to straighten your teeth, now is the time to take the plunge. Invisalign treatment is comfortable and subtle; you’ll be able to straighten your smile without broadcasting the process.


The First Step Toward Your Ideal Smile

If you’re unsure about whether cosmetic dentistry could improve your life, we’d love to talk treatment specifics. Call our Greenbelt office at (301) 982-3300, or schedule online. We can’t wait to get you started.

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