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The world is rough on our teeth. And if we can’t keep up with our dental appointments, our smiles tend to fall by the wayside. Over time, signs of damage and gradual wear begin to build up on our teeth. The end result is a grin that doesn’t fully represent you the way it should.

Don’t let less-than-stellar teeth define you. You’re not stuck with them – there are countless ways to restore and rebuild. Full mouth reconstruction is an option for patients hoping to get a fresh start. If your teeth have been affected by gum disease, cavities, physical trauma, or other issues, Cherrywood Dental is here to help.

Is Now The Time to Rebuild My Smile?

One of the common reasons teeth fall into disrepair is a patient’s dental anxiety. This anxiety keeps the patient from receiving the regular exams that he/she should be getting. Without regular exams, signs of growing problems go unnoticed, and issues untreated. The end result is more serious disease and damage.

We urge you to escape this vicious cycle. Full mouth reconstruction could be the right step if you:

  • Are missing permanent teeth
  • Have fractured or broken teeth
  • Have teeth with excessive wear (caused by long-term erosion)
  • Suffer from chronic jaw, facial muscle, or head pain due to a malocclusion (incorrect bite).

By deciding to see a dentist and take action, you choose to reclaim a healthy smile. If your anxiety is holding you back, Cherrywood Dental offers a number of patient conveniences that will help you feel comfortable in the dental chair. From sedation to dental lasers, we do whatever we can to ease your nerves.

The first step is picking up the phone and calling. But to get you more comfortable, we’ve got some information about what the process could be like (and whether it’s right for you).

How Full Mouth Reconstruction Works

Full mouth reconstruction, or FMR, refers to a group of general and restorative procedures. Candidates for the treatment process are typically patients who have experienced several years of dental problems. These issues build up within the mouth, leading to any number of issues. Treatment needs to be comprehensive in order to address every concern.

In order to know which procedures are right for you, you’ll need to schedule a consultation. During this appointment, Dr. Barzgar or Dr. Pakpour will meet with you and discuss your concerns. We will take detailed x-rays of your mouth and perform a visual examination. By the end of the exam, we’ll have some ideas about a treatment plan to put in place. We’ll talk to you about what we can do to not only rebuild your smile, but conserve your remaining natural teeth, and restore your overall oral health.

The FMR procedures may include:

Greenbelt restorative dentist

  • Fillings – We know you’ve probably had fillings before, but they may be more involved. If you have several cavities, we will fill them with composite (which is tooth-colored).
  • Periodontal treatment – We provide thorough periodontal treatment with the aid of a soft tissue laser. Treating your gum disease as soon as possible will help preserve your smile.
  • Root canal – If a tooth has become infected, a root canal will remove the diseased pulp and fill it with sterile cement.
  • Extraction – When an infection has reached a tooth’s root, or the tooth has sustained extensive physical damage, extraction will allow the patient to start over.
  • Dental implant – A dental implant replaces a missing tooth root, and pairs with a restoration to securely rebuild an entire tooth.
  • Dental crown – A crown replaces a damaged tooth’s missing structure to allow the natural portion of the tooth to succeed.
  • Bridge – A bridge spans the gap left by a missing tooth, and is supported by crowns on either side.

Get in touch to schedule your own consultation! There are some big, exciting changes ahead.

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