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Greenbelt laser dental treatmentWe all know what lasers are, and the way they use light to effect changes. What perplexes some is a laser’s use in medical treatment. Laser dentistry is becoming more widespread, as more and more dentists become aware of the positive things a laser can mean for a dental community. Dental lasers radically improve the patient experience by removing many of the anxiety-inducing traits of traditional dental tools. When receiving laser treatment, you’re likely to be surprised by how comfortable it feels and how dramatic its results can be. Before hopping into our Woodbridge dental chair for a laser procedure, read up on just what it will be like to get prepared.

Going Under A Dental Laser

While lasers can be used in a variety of dental applications, Cherrywood Dental uses soft tissue lasers to assist with periodontal treatment, gum surgery, and other gum procedures. This means the laser is typically acting as a replacement for a scalpel, and for scaling and root planing picks. Whereas those tools use physical exploration and manipulation to cut tissue and remove disease, a dental laser takes a different approach.

Why Cherrywood Dental Uses a Soft Tissue Laser

Our soft tissue diode laser, the DenMat Sol, is notable for a number of its qualities, including

  1. Self-cauterizing – Soft tissue lasers close any wounds they create, reducing bleeding and recovery time. Sealed wounds also lower the risk of infection (or, in the case of periodontal treatment, re-infection).
  2. Tissue-specific – Lasers can target different types of tissue based on their water content. This makes it simple to target decay as opposed to healthy tissue. In the case of a soft tissue laser, it means there will be less chance for collateral damage to accompany treatment.
  3. Friction-free – Lasers ablate (vaporize) tissue, rather than cutting it. This creates less friction and heat, making treatment more comfortable.
  4. Narrow and precise – The beams are incredibly narrow, allowing us to access even deep periodontal pockets without aggravating surrounding tissues.

Laser dental treatment will feel unlike any dental procedure you’ve had in the past. Schedule your next visit by calling us at (301) 982-3300.

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