Guide to Your Laser Gum Surgery

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Greenbelt laser gum surgery

We all do our best to keep our smile healthy and beautiful, with regular brushing and flossing. But sometimes our gums need a little bit of extra help. “Gum surgery” is a blanket term that can mean a wide variety of things, ranging from treatment of disease to aesthetic alterations. No matter the gum treatment you seek, it will be fulfilled by Dr. Artin Barzgar, Dr. Desabeh Pakpour, and our practice’s spectacular soft tissue laser. Dental lasers change the course of your treatment by ensuring it is as efficient and comfortable as possible. Learn more about what dental laser treatment may have in store for you by reading on.

Dental Laser Procedures Available in Greenbelt

Greenbelt Laser Dentistry

Dental lasers have more than a few advantages over the standard scalpel. Lasers are

  • Safer – Lasers eliminate bacteria in the area to reduce chance of cross-contamination or bacteria entering the bloodstream.
  • More precise – Laser beams are highly narrow and will not affect areas other than those in need of treatment.
  • Tissue-specific – Soft tissue lasers will not affect your teeth, so as to prevent collateral damage during treatment.
  • More comfortable – The way lasers cut tissue is more comfortable for patients, reducing the need for anesthesia and the length of recovery time.
  • Tissue-regenerating – Lasers can actually stimulate the areas being treated to promote new bone growth and tissue growth. This is an especially welcome phenomenon for patients with periodontal disease.

Your next soft tissue procedure should be the most enjoyable yet. If you’ve been wanted to make changes to your gums for aesthetic reasons, or if you are in need of periodontal treatment, we’re ready to help. Simply give us a call.

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Dr. Barzgar is an excellent dentist

Dr. Barzgar was very professional and gentle. When I first came to his office to see Dr. Barzgar I had a major trust issue between dentist and patient from my past experiences. Dr. Barzgar is an excellent dentist, whose priority is making sure his...

L. Howard

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