Laurel Periodontal Treatment

Laurel periodontal treatment

Gum disease is already uncomfortable enough – your treatment shouldn’t exacerbate the negatives. By using tools that improve upon standard periodontal instruments, we can help you experience relief from when you first enter the office. Laurel periodontal treatment uses soft tissue laser technology to improve the patient experience, and potentially enhance effectiveness of the entire procedure.

Periodontal disease is persistent, and can be difficult to treat comprehensively. The sooner you get into the office and take action, the better. If you suspect that you have gum disease, get in touch with us today to start working toward a solution. Find driving directions from Laurel on the map below, and fill out the quick form to send us a message. Before your appointment, read on to learn more about what’s ahead with laser periodontal treatment.

Improving Periodontal Treatment with Laser Technology

  • Treatment experience – Patients hate the dental drill on a near-universal basis, and other traditional tools like scalpels and scalers aren’t much better. The sights and sounds associated with laser treatment are entirely different. Most lasers operate with just a clicking sound and an accompanying water spray. Your treated tissues are soothed throughout, and you feel better about the process. Less local anesthetic may also be necessary because there is less heat and friction produced. And with periodontal treatment, the narrow laser beam is able to reach into periodontal pockets between teeth and gums with less disruption to healthy tissues.
  • Tissue reattachment – A significant side effect of periodontal disease is the separation of teeth from gums. This changes the appearance of your smile and creates a more dangerous oral environment to which gum disease is more likely to return. Laser treatment may help promote reattachment of the gum tissues to the teeth, improving your prospects of avoiding gum disease in the future.
  • Healing time – Laser treatment helps prevent bleeding, and effectively remove infected tissues. The use of a laser also helps keep the area clean, which lowers the risk of infection. Since laser treatment is less invasive, fewer healthy tissues are impacted, and the overall healing time is reduced. You’re likely to feel less sore, experience less bleeding, and find yourself feeling good again on a faster basis.
  • Treatment time – Lasers make periodontal treatment simpler for both patient and dentist. This means the the overall appointment will be shorter than usual, and you’ll be able to get in and out of the office as quickly as possible.


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