Repair a Cracked or Broken Tooth Quickly With These 7 Solutions 

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When it comes to a cracked tooth, there are a variety of common causes. From not wearing your mouthguard while playing sports to biting down on hard foods, your molars are more susceptible to breaks and cracks than your other teeth.


Depending on the severity of the damage, your repair may be superficial and cosmetic or more severe. The most important thing you can do after discovering a damaged tooth is to contact your dentist right away. Quickly repairing a cracked or broken tooth is our top priority, and one of these seven solutions will have your smile restored in no-time.


How To Care For a Chipped or Broken Tooth

Same-day emergency dental appointments are offered to our patients who need immediate care. However, until you can be seen, we advise patients to rinse their mouths with a warm saltwater rinse gently. One cup of tepid water mixed with a ½ teaspoon of salt will clean your teeth to help prevent infection. It is also recommended to avoid chewing on the side of your mouth where the cracked tooth is located.


Dental Bonding

Perhaps the least-involved dental procedure for repairing a damaged tooth is to have the tooth restored with dental bonding. Dentists can correct and improve the appearance of a tooth with the useful composite material. A small amount of bonding will be applied to the surface of the tooth, and a blue light will then harden the composite molding, repairing the tooth in the process. Bonding is the ultimate solution for minor cosmetic issues. Your dentist can quickly and efficiently make adjustments to a tooth allowing you to regain any lost confidence in your smile.



Dental fillings are one of the most effective options for repairing a cracked or broken tooth. Dentists often use restorative filling material as a way of temporarily fixing teeth that have suffered decay, are broken, or need to be fixed. Dental fillings are a painless and cost-effective option for minor tooth repair.



Dental sealants can fix holes in the surface of a tooth in addition to protecting an infected or cracked tooth. Sealants act as a barrier against cavity-causing bacteria that leads to tooth damage. Often placed on the chewing surfaces of your back molars and premolars, sealants are a cost-effective way to repair a broken tooth.


Dental Crown

If a tooth is severely broken or chipped, a crown may be required to protect what remains of the tooth. Crowns are useful in covering an entire affected portion of a tooth, and they are a convenient solution. Dental crowns are typically made of metal, porcelain, or ceramic material, yet they are thicker than veneers. A tooth’s shape and function can be completely restored with a crown.



Veneers are one of the most popular cosmetic solutions for restoring your smile. Lumineers are a minimally invasive way to correct imperfections while giving you the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. Unlike traditional veneers, Lumineers allow for a beautiful smile without the drilling of sensitive tooth structure. Your teeth can be reshaped entirely and brightened all while keeping the natural structure untouched.


Root Canal

For critical situations, root canal therapy may be the most beneficial repair option if bacteria have gained access to the inner portion of your tooth from the crack. During root canal therapy, any damaged or infected tissue will be removed, and your tooth will then be topped with a filling or dental crown. Not only does root canal therapy protect your tooth from additional damage, but the functionality of the tooth will also be completely restored.


Dental Implant

If your broken tooth is damaged beyond repair, it’s likely that the next step recommended to you by your dentist will be to have the broken tooth extracted. Once the damaged tooth has been removed, a dental implant can take its place. This extensive procedure is used to restore teeth that have been broken near the gum line, in addition to teeth that cannot be repaired.


Don’t Delay Repairing Your Broken Tooth

Only your dentist can determine if your cracked, chipped, or broken tooth is a dental emergency. It is vital to contact your dentist right away upon discovering a damaged tooth. Delaying repair of a broken tooth can cause further damage and make the tooth unable to be saved. Contact Cherrywood Dental Associates for any guidance on what the best repair option is for your broken tooth. Our highly trained staff is here to help!

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