Teach Your Children about Dental Health with the Tooth Fairy

young girl holding tooth and tooth fairy pillow

Parents have the role of keeping their children healthy and happy. When it comes to dental health, the Tooth Fairy is an exciting approach to introducing your child to oral hygiene.

Most toddlers have a complete set of teeth when they are about two years. By the time they are turning five or six, baby teeth start to loosen and fall off giving way to permanent teeth. It’s vital to cultivate a dental hygiene routine during this period

What Is the Tooth Fairy?

Many parents from various cultures take the loss of their children’s baby teeth as a rite of passage. They want to make it a smooth experience.

The Tooth Fairy is folklore adopted in many civilizations. It advises children to place each lost baby tooth under their pillow when going to bed.

As they sleep, the Tooth Fairy (usually the child’s parent or guardian) visits and takes it for a cash reward. The average American the Tooth Fairy payout is $3.70, according to research.

Clean Teeth Under the Pillow

For infants, wipe their teeth with a gauze square or clean cloth. Teach your child to brush by age two or three. Let them use a child’s toothbrush with a pea-sized dab of toothpaste. They can remove plaque with fine back and forth strokes. Help them to brush the areas they miss and rinse the mouth thoroughly.

As your kids grow older, teach them these dental care practices.

  • Brushing the inside, outside, and chewing surfaces of each tooth
  • Brushing the tongue gently to remove debris
  • Flossing between teeth

Reward your children for upholding good oral hygiene.

Professional Pediatric Dental Care

Ensure your children understand the importance of dental health at a tender age. Take them to a pediatric dentist for checkups regularly. They will less likely develop dental-phobia or tooth complications in the future.

At Cherrywood Dental Associates, we can offer excellent pediatric dental services to your child for a beautiful smile.

Book an appointment with us and enjoy free dental examination.

Healthy Summer Snacking for Kids
summer snacking for kids with a watermelon

Juicy red watermelon slice.

Summertime means that many parents need to make more nutritional choices for their children than during the school year. When children are not able to receive healthy meals at school, it is even more important for parents to keep their cupboards and refrigerators stocked with healthy snacks and meals. Summer weather can also encourage unhealthy snacking, such as too much ice cream, so parents need to provide healthy summer snacking options to teach their children about proper nutrition.

Healthy Snack Options

Fortunately, there are many kid-friendly snack options available. Some healthy summer choices include:

  • Fruits and vegetables, which are rich in calcium and vitamins
  • Granola bars, wheat crackers, and other grains
  • Popsicles can be a healthy alternative to ice cream

Snacks to Avoid

Other snacks are best enjoyed in small amounts. Some snack foods to limit or avoid include:

  • Potato chips, which are high in fat and sodium and may scratch the gums or tooth enamel
  • Ice cream, which is high in fat and sugar
  • Candy, cookies, and other sugary treats

Healthy Drinks

Just like healthy snacks, certain drinks are good for the teeth and the body. Some healthy drinks include:

  • Water
  • Flavored water, especially options with natural flavoring
  • Milk, which is high in calcium
  • Certain fruit juices that are low in sugar

Drinks to Avoid

Many of your children’s favorite drinks are not the most healthy choices. Parents should limit:

  • Most fruit juices, which are high in sugar
  • Soda, which is high in corn syrup, sugar, and other chemicals
  • Some children and teens like consuming energy drinks, but they contain too much caffeine for children and are high in sugar and chemicals

Learn More About Healthy Summer Snacking

At Cherrywood Dental Associates, we care about helping our patients learn to make healthy nutritional choices for themselves and their families. By providing healthy snacks for your children this summer, you can help them keep their teeth healthy while learning to make healthy choices for themselves in the future. Contact us today to learn more about nutrition or to schedule an appointment!

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