Could Gum Disease Harm Your Whole Body?

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Woodbridge dentistFalling behind on your flossing? Think again – protecting your gum line could actually help keep your entire body in fighting shape.

Emerging research continues to support the conclusion that gum disease is far more sinister than we think. The inflammatory effects that take hold of the body during gingivitis and periodontitis may spread elsewhere in the body. There may be links between gum disease and diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and heart disease – the leading cause of death in America. While the American Dental Association hasn’t yet released a definitive statement on the connection, we see little reason for waiting for one. Why not pick up on the research and brush up (no pun intended) on your disease prevention?

Whether you’re hoping to keep gum disease at bay, or are already in its throes, our Woodbridge dentist is here to help. Read on for some scary facts behind gum disease, and some welcome information about comfortable, effective disease treatment at Cherrywood Dental. Then, get in touch to schedule your next exam.

The Gum Disease & Systemic Disease Link

Dangers of Poor Gum Health

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As we mentioned, gum disease may have an effect on your heart’s performance. While experts aren’t sure exactly why this is, they speculate that the inflammatory tissue response to periodontal bacteria may be mimicked by other areas of the body. This could cause the arteries to become thicker, and force your heart to work harder to pump blood.

A disturbing study on the specific mechanics of the bacteria to which gum disease gives rise found that the bacteria has frightening effects on the immune system. The bacteria manages to prevent an immune system response from striking it down, while encouraging inflammation (on which it feeds). This may give some clues as to why periodontitis affects the rest of the body.

How Your Dentist Addresses Periodontal Disease

Of course, to preach disease prevention is one thing. If you’re aware of the brushing, flossing, and regular care you need to undergo in order to keep your gums pink, healthy, and happy, then you’re on the right path. But if gum disease is already taking hold, it’s time to change some of your tactics.

The first step is periodontal treatment that doesn’t send you screaming from the office. We know how many patients feel anxious at the thought of their tooth roots and gums being cleared of plaque. It’s uncomfortable, and requires some accompanying downtime. That’s why we offer laser periodontal treatment. The dental laser used during the procedure transforms the way you feel in the dental chair.

LANAP and a Positive Patient Experience

If you’re up on your dental technology, you’ve probably heard of laser dentistry. The introduction of light energy to dental procedures gave providers a way to achieve more precise results, while keeping patients feeling comfortable. The laser procedure used to treat periodontal disease is known as LANAP, or Laser-Assisted New Attachment Procedure. This complex name refers to the treatment’s ability to help stimulate new tissue growth.

When periodontal disease takes hold, it loosens the connection between your teeth and gums. As plaque builds up at the gum line, pockets of bacteria form, your gum line changes, and your teeth become looser. LANAP helps encourage the gums to reattach to your teeth, rebuilding your smile and supporting healthy teeth. Additionally, laser treatment is more easily able to reach bacteria and plaque in periodontal pockets, with less disturbance to the patient.

LANAP is appropriate for many patients in a stage of periodontal disease. If you’ve been feeling anxious about pursuing treatment for your gums, we urge you to get in touch. The sooner we tackle your plaque, the better.

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