Preventing Gum Disease Could Keep You Heart-Healthy

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Surprised that healthy gums could support a healthy heart? There has been a longstanding suspicion that gum disease and heart disease are linked, and continually emerging research supports this claim. A recent study found that oral bacteria introduced into the veins of rats yielded higher rates of atherosclerosis (hardened arteries, which lead to larger-scale problems). The best bet for those hoping to keep their bodies sound is to prevent periodontal disease in the first place. You’ll preserve your smile, your oral health, and even your systemic well-being. Don’t take a chance – care for your gums as well as possible, today.

Why Periodontal Disease and Whole Body Problems May Be Linked

The research behind oral health’s connection to your systemic health is still progressing, and hasn’t resulted in any definitive statements from the American Dental Association or the American Heart Association. But that research suggests links between periodontal health and serious problems. During gingivitis and periodontal disease, the gums become inflamed and and irritated from the increased presence of bacteria in the mouth. This inflammation may cause neighboring inflammation in channels that transport blood to and from different areas of the body. Bacteria may also enter the bloodstream from disease-related wounds in the mouth, traveling to other parts of the body, although this theory has lost traction.

The end result is a link between periodontal disease and heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even Alzheimer’s. Triggers function both ways: when whole-body changes are taking place, gum disease is more likely to take hold. Diabetics, menopausal women, and pregnant woman are susceptible to gum disease because of fluctuating hormone levels.

Speaking emotionally, there’s another slew of problems that gum disease can aggravate. When your smile is something you’re proud of, you’re ready to share it with the world. If your teeth are lacking, you’re not going to show smiles and laughter as easily. You won’t feel as comfortable in social situations, and won’t be as friendly. If the periodontal disease causes you to lose teeth, you may find that depression follows. Keeping your teeth healthy in the first place will prevent all of these concerns from putting a damper on your life.

The Importance of Staying Heart-Healthy

Your heart is the reason you survive and thrive. Without healthy, plaque-free arteries, you won’t be as strong, and could see years taken off your life. Whether there is a strong link between periodontal disease and heart disease or not, we recommend taking the precaution and making your gums a priority. There’s so much at stake.

Already Struggling with Gum Disease? Woodbridge Periodontal Treatment Can Help

If you have gum disease, don’t panic. Periodontal treatment will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums, allowing them to heal. At Cherrywood Dental, we offer laser-assisted periodontal treatment to provide the best possible care.

Traditional periodontal treatment involves scaling and root planing, the physical removal of plaque from these surfaces. This may be accompanied by topical or oral antibiotics, to prevent the rise of new infection. The procedure requires anesthesia, and a healing period. When a laser is brought into the equation, treatment is simplified. A soft tissue laser’s narrow beam is easily able to reach below the gum line, where it removes infected tissue. The laser can also help stimulate new tissue growth, so that the teeth and gums reconnect. This helps return your smile to normal, and protects the area against infection’s return.

Looking for more information about gum disease, or hoping to seek treatment for gingivitis? Contact Cherrywood Dental for aid.

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