4 Reasons Why Fall Is The Best Season To Start Invisalign

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If you’ve been unhappy with crooked front teeth for years, it can feel even more challenging to take the straightening plunge. But with a treatment like Invisalign, the decision doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Alternative orthodontics allows adults to achieve their perfect smiles without the hassle and fuss of metal braces.


For patients already interested in Invisalign, the biggest question is: when should I get started?


Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign allows for you to gradually and discreetly straighten your teeth over time with easy maintenance and fewer appointments than traditional braces. Some of the benefits of Invisalign over braces for adults include:


Easier Dental Hygiene

Invisalign clear trays can be taken in and out when you eat and brush your teeth which means there is less of a chance for white spots developing on the surface of your teeth. Additionally, you are less likely to have cavities with Invisalign because you can thoroughly clean your teeth without any obstructions.


Aesthetically Pleasing

Since Invisalign trays are transparent and nearly invisible, you’ll have the benefit of smiling and talking without worrying about people seeing brackets or wires in your mouth.



Aligners are manufactured from smooth, flexible plastic, and they are extremely comfortable to wear. There are no brackets and wires to potentially irritate your lips, cheeks, or inside of your mouth. After a few weeks, you won’t even realize you’re wearing them.



Invisalign requires fewer follow-up appointments than traditional braces. You will be given multiple sets of trays at each check-up which means you won’t have to come back to our office as often, saving you time in your already busy schedule.


Appointment Flexibility

Scheduling check-up appointments can be difficult for those with busy schedules. The Fall and Winter seasons are typically excellent seasons for a wide-range of availability because people stay home as much as possible. On the same note, Fall and Winter check-ups mean you won’t miss any fun in the Summer sun due to scheduling conflicts. Kids going back to school also means parents tend to avoid pulling kids out of school for dental and orthodontist appointments, leaving more openings for you.

Treatment Will Be Finished In Time For Summer

Depending on your treatment plan and length of time Invisalign will need to straighten your smile, you could be looking at your dream smile by next summer. This means you will be able to flash your best grin in all of your summer vacation pictures next year. Since Invisalign is completely removable, you will also be able to eat and enjoy all of your favorite meals and treats during the Holiday season without interrupting your treatment.

You’ll Have More Time For Oral Hygiene

The Fall and Winter seasons are the times of the year where you spend more time indoors and take better care of yourself. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing after each meal is more simple because you will have easier access to dental hygiene products and supplies. Keeping your aligners clean and removing food particles from your teeth before placing them back is essential to your overall health. It also prevents your aligners from trapping food, sugar, and bacteria against your teeth which leads to decay and odor.


Fall In Love With Invisalign

Finding the best time of year to start your Invisalign treatment is easy. Whether you begin treatment in the Fall or Winter, rain or shine, your smile should always be a priority in your life. Fall in love with Invisalign this year and be one step closer to achieving the straight and healthy smile that you’ve always desired. Contact Cherrywood Dental Associates today to learn more about Invisalign and what the treatment can do for you!

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