7 Signs of Oral Cancer and Tips for Lowering Your Risk

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Oral cancer will affect around 53,000 people this year. Sadly, a lot of times it’s detected when it’s too late because people don’t know the signs to look for or how to prevent it. The good news is that we’re going to give you some advice on signs that you may have oral cancer and some tips on preventing it.

7 Common Signs of Oral Cancer

If you are noticing one or more of these signs, it’s a good idea to be checked out by your dentist just to be on the safe side.

  • Bad breath
  • Changes in your voice that don’t go away
  • Painful sores in your mouth that won’t heal
  • Numbness in your tongue and mouth
  • Red or white patches on your tongue, tonsils or gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Weight loss that’s unexplained


Now that you know what the signs are, you want to know how you lower your chances of getting it. Below are 3 tips you can use for reducing your oral cancer risk.

  • Don’t Smoke – Smoking is one of the most common reasons that people get oral cancer. Along with oral cancer, it can cause heart disease, lung cancer, emphysema, and many other health issues. If you currently smoke, see what you can do about stopping smoking.
  • Limit Alcohol and Tobacco Use – When people hear about oral cancer, they often think about smoking. But did you know that any type of tobacco can cause it, including chew and snuff? Using alcohol excessively also can cause it. But when you combine using alcohol and tobacco, it can increase your risk of having oral cancer.
  • Go to the Dentist – One of the best ways that you can lower your chance of oral cancer is to go to your dentist twice per year. They’ll check for cancer, and if they find it, you’ll have a better chance because early detection is essential.

Oral cancer is a common problem, but it also can be prevented. Contact us for an oral cancer screening and tooth cleaning today!

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