Everything You Need to Know About Laser Dentistry

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Before undergoing dental work, you may be considering treatment options that include laser dentistry. Although the practice has been around for some time and is known for offering a wide range of benefits, you may still be unclear about what it is and why it may be the best choice for you. In an effort to help you understand more about the technology and how it can benefit you, we’ve outlined some basic information about laser dentistry below.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

Potentially offering a more comfortable treatment option for a wide range of dental procedures, laser dentistry uses light energy to treat a variety of dental conditions. The laser allows for the safe and effective removal of tissue and can also be used to remove dead cells, infection, and decay.

What Are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

There’s no longer an excuse for not going to see your dentist. It’s a virtually pain-free option that often requires no anesthesia. In case that’s not enough of a reason to make the switch, we’ve listed even more benefits below.

  • Minimal damage to surrounding tissue
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Sutures often unnecessary
  • Faster healing time
  • Reduced risk of infection

What Procedures Can Use Laser Dentistry?

There are many ways in which laser dentistry can be used to treat dental and other conditions of the mouth. Most commonly, dental lasers are used to:

  • Treat and remove abscesses
  • Stop bleeding
  • Treat and remove canker sores
  • Treat periodontal disease
  • Re-contour the gums
  • Perform biopsies needed to identify oral cancer
  • Remove a frenulum or small fold of tissue that is preventing movement in the mouth

Is It Safe?

If you’re interested in laser dentistry, you may be wondering if it is safe. Fortunately, dental lasers are very safe. In fact, they can actually help make your dental procedure safer than with traditional dentistry because they allow us to be more precise and can reduce the risk of infection.

At Cherrywood Dental Associates, we take pride in offering our patients the right treatment options for their individual needs. For more information about laser dentistry or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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