Healthy Habits, Thorough Cleanings, and Routine Visits to Your Dentist: Essentials to Great Oral Hygiene

The health of your mouth is essential to a multitude of factors in your life, from the look of your smile to the health of your overall well-being. Maintaining good oral hygiene is fundamental to the health of your mouth, providing protection against a variety of problems and safeguarding your beautiful smile. And as trained professionals dedicated to oral health, your dental team can help keep your oral hygiene and health stay in tip-top shape with routine visits, cleanings, and all of the right habits.

Oral Hygiene: The Basics

Good oral hygiene starts with you. Your teeth, gums, and the rest of your mouth must be properly cared for on a daily basis to maintain function, optimum health, and to prevent serious complications. Poor oral hygiene can result in a variety of issues, but can easily be avoided by taking the proper precautions and adopting the appropriate habits.

The Importance of Good Oral Hygiene

The most obvious advantage to good oral hygiene is a beautiful and brilliant smile. But in addition to pretty teeth, good oral hygiene can prevent a wide array of physical, emotional, and even financial complications. Scientific research performed over recent decades proves that oral health has astonishing connections to our overall health and well-being. Poor oral hygiene can have significant impacts on your life and have been linked to the following issues:

  • Medical problems and conditions such as multiple types of cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Lack of confidence, low-self esteem, and poor work performance.
  • Increased risk of pregnancy-related complications such as premature birth and low birth-weight.
  • Oral complications like gum disease, cavities, tooth decay, tooth loss, abscesses, and more.
  • Costly dental procedures and surgeries to correct oral complications.

Good Oral Hygiene Habits

In addition to practicing healthy lifestyle behaviors like eating a nutritious diet and abstaining from alcohol and tobacco, you must be responsible for maintaining good oral hygiene every day. But making the right choices can really pay off in the end. Always try to remember the 3 most important habits for maintaining oral hygiene: brush, floss, and rinse.

Begin with an ADA-approved, soft-bristle toothbrush. You should be brushing your teeth at least twice each day; once in the morning and once before bed. You should replace your toothbrush at least every 3-4 months.

For anyone over the age of 1, add an appropriately-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste to your toothbrush. While brushing your teeth, remember to carefully reach every part of every tooth, tongue, gums, and cheeks. Hold your toothbrush at about 45-degrees for the best brushing angle.

When you’re done brushing, begin flossing by wrapping about 1-foot of dental floss around one finger on each of your hands. Very carefully and gently glide that dental floss through each of your teeth, taking special care around the sensitive, gum area.

After discarding your dental floss, use a high-quality mouthwash to rinse your mouth. Mouthwashes and rinses kill germs and bacteria while helping prevent tartar build-up and cavities.

How Your Dental Team Helps Protect Oral Hygiene and Health

Centuries of experience and research allow us the ability to seek help and guidance from trusted professionals in any area of life. Your dental team is equipped with knowledge and training to help you maintain good oral hygiene and handle your oral health at any stage of life. As dental professionals, your dentist can help you improve or maintain your oral hygiene and health with routine exams, cleanings, and x-rays.

Routine Visits and What to Expect

It is recommended that most people see the dentist roughly every 6 months for exams and cleanings. Just as your family doctor uses annual exams to prevent and treat physical issues, your dentist uses routine exams to optimize your oral health. Here’s what you can expect at the typical dental exam:

  • Your dentist will examine your teeth using a variety of tools, instruments, and x-rays. These images along with the physical examination help your dentist spot any trouble areas or complications.
  • During a cleaning, your dentist will use tools and instruments to thoroughly and intricately clean your teeth, as well as the rest of your mouth. These cleanings help get rid of bacteria, germs, tartar, plaque, and debris missed by your daily routine.
  • Your dentist may also check your head, neck, or jaw as part of the exam to check for any unwanted lumps, lesions, or pain.
  • Routine visits also include education provided by your dentist to ensure you are practicing the proper, hygienic habits, as well as to help you avoid oral complications in the future. He or she may also discuss oral health risk factors and medical history with you.
  • If your dentist spots any issues during your exam or in the images that were taken, you may require treatment or additional services.

The Cost of Dental Exams

As with most dental services, the cost of a dental exam varies based on a variety of factors. However, most dental insurance programs cover the cost of your routine dental visits, cleanings, and x-rays. Considered preventative services, insurance companies understand the value of preventing costly procedures. Depending on your insurance coverage, the majority or all of the cost associated with routine exams and cleanings may be covered. To get a better look of what insurance would cover, contact your dentists to see which policies they accept. For example if you’re working with an Avon Lake OH dentist then contact them to ensure they accept your policy.

There are many people who do not have dental insurance coverage, however. For those covering the entire cost of an exam, cleaning, or x-ray, the total can vary. You can expect to pay, on average, between $200-$300 for your exam and cleaning. This cost does not include treatment or other services for any issues that your dentist may find during the exam. But when comparing the costly procedures that could result from poor oral hygiene, it’s easy to see why routine exams with your dentist are always the way to go.

At Cherrywood Dental Associates, we understand the importance of good oral hygiene and are here to help you maintain your oral health through every step of your life. Keeping your smile beautiful, brilliant, and healthy is always our top priority. To find out how we can help you perfect your smile and to schedule your appointment, contact our trusted staff today!

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