Laser Dentistry – The Future of Dental Care?

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Woodbridge laser dentistryLaser technology has been in development for about 100 years – but dental lasers have only come into use in the last few decades. That’s because dentists are careful about the treatment options they provide to their patients, and want to make sure the technology is safe, effective, and patient-oriented before trying something new. Today, dental lasers are booming, with new applications for laser treatment continuing to emerge.

We’re excited about laser treatment because it makes procedures far more comfortable for patients, and even helps reduce long-standing dental anxiety. How can lasers make all this possible? Because they’re very different from traditional dental tools.

Why Dental Lasers Win Over Patients

  1. Lasers are inherently patient-oriented – Consider the way lasers work. Each laser utilizes a specific wavelength of light energy. By focusing it into a narrow beam, dental lasers use this energy to treat tissue. Because the light is of one wavelength, it is easy to control, and the results highly precise and predictable. Lasers can also affect certain tissue types, targeting diseased tissue and leaving the healthy areas untouched. Lasers also vaporize tissue instead of cutting through it, producing less heat and friction (both of which lead to discomfort). All these factors lead to heightened patient comfort, ideal results, and a shorter healing period.
  2. Lasers can be used in so many different procedures – Different dental lasers can be used for teeth whitening, soft tissue procedures, hard tissue prep (for fillings or restorations), disease detection, and more. They’re incredibly versatile and full of potential.
  3. Lasers have a different look, feel, and sound than traditional tools – If you have dental anxiety, a laser can be a welcome alternative to tools like the dental drill. Many patients are frightened of the drill itself, and they’re concerned about having that drill inside their mouths. Instead of the high-pitched whine that a drill issues, a laser makes a soft clicking sound when operating. It feels less painful and requires less anesthesia, which reduced treatment time and is great for patients who are needle-phobic. Many patients have found laser treatment to be the step they needed to feel better about the office.

Curious about finding laser treatment for yourself? Just get in touch.

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