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Greenbelt TeethXpressIf you’re missing teeth, what are your reasons for holding off on treatment? Is it the time involved? Concerns about removable restorations not looking right or working properly? Anxiety about the dentist’s office? The answer’s different for every patient – but there may be a solution for your personal hesitation.

Greenbelt TeethXpress offers same-day new teeth for patients currently using dentures or partials. By pairing crowns with dental implants, you gain long-term new teeth that won’t fail you. Implants attach to your jaw bone to provide a new source of support, and anchor your restorations to your gum line. Curious about the process? Keep reading for answers to some TeethXpress FAQs, and get in touch to discuss your options with our front desk – just fill out the form to the right of this post. We’d love to tell you more about what our patients have gained from treatment!

 Same-Day New Teeth? How Your Restoration Works

When wearing your denture, you might notice problems that keep it from working the way it should. It might feel loose, and become less comfortable over time as your jaw shrinks. You may struggle to speak, eat, chew, and smile easily, and find it hard to feel natural. You may feel self-conscious about the way your denture looks, and feel that it’s immediately noticeable as dental work.

Adding dental implants changes all that, for good. Implants integrate with bone tissue in your jaw, emerging above the gum line to connect with your existing denture. Typically, there’s a healing period between implant placement and denture pairing. But TeethXpress takes treatment one step further by allowing implants to be connected to your existing denture on the day of surgery. You won’t spend any time without teeth in place.The implants used are immediate loading, so they can support restorations right away, and heal while working.

Implants are placed in 30-60 minutes, depending on the location and the total number of implants. In order to secure a denture, you will require between 4-6 implants. The entire procedure will take 3-4 hours, from your stepping through our door to walking out with new teeth in place. We’ll discuss what you can expect from treatment before getting started – just let us know if you’d like to learn more.

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