The Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

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A woman's beautiful smile after restorative dentistry in GreenbeltEveryone’s dental treatment is different. There’s no overarching guide to what your experience will be like (although we wish we could provide that, and will do our best to offer an approximation!). Full mouth reconstruction is especially divergent from patient to patient. As the treatment actually consists of any number of different procedures, it’s hard to predict exactly what yours will be like. Below, we’ve put together some types of dental wear, and which services may be recommended to rebuild your smile. Find your main dental concern to learn which treatment could be right for you.

Types of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth reconstruction tackles multiple teeth at once, to restore a smile that has more than a few small flaws. If many of your front teeth are compromised, we will repair them as a group to rebuild your entire smile.

  • Worn teeth – Worn teeth lacking enamel will age your face prematurely, and can be extremely sensitive to hot and cold. LUMINEERS will rebuild and lengthen your teeth to restore fullness to your smile. Depending on the amount of wear, you may not even require tooth prep prior to receiving your veneers.
  • Cracked or chipped teeth – Porcelain crowns embrace damaged teeth to lend support to the remaining structure. They’re ideal for more serious cracks and chips that veneers can’t resolve.
  • Stained teeth – Deep stains can be impossible to lift with hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening. Dental bonding or LUMINEERS will add new external layers to the stained teeth, permanently brightening your smile.
  • Missing teeth – Missing teeth take a toll on your smile and your oral health. Replacing them as quickly as possible will minimize damage. Dental implants paired with crowns, partials, or dentures will replace teeth both above and below the gum line.

Greenbelt Restorative Dentists

Our team is looking forward to bringing your smile back to the place you’d like it to be. Get in touch to schedule your first consultation.

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